Fine wine is the new Green

Protect your portfolio from recession! Invest in Wine with 5x more potential for appreciation

1 Year Return



Returns on investment are from 7 JULY 21 to 7 JULY 22 and include dividends reinvested Source: Liv-ex 1000

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How is wine
investment safer?


Limited Supply

Strict wine production regulations limit wine availability, causing potential value increase over time


Growing demand

Global wine demand, especially in emerging market, drives growth in demand for rare and exclusive bottles.



Investing in wines diversifies investing portfolio, reducing risk and volatility.

Don’t take our word for it

I have been thoroughly impressed with Vinadamo and the support they have provided throughout my wine investment journey. The educational resources and expert advice have made the process easy and effective. My investment has seen impressive returns and I have confidence in its future growth. I highly recommend Vinadamo to anyone looking to get into wine investment, they are truly top-notch in the industry
Wine Investment Client Oxford
As a wine enthusiast, I was thrilled to learn about the opportunity to invest in wine. Not only have I been able to expand my personal collection with some truly rare and exclusive bottles, but the investment has also provided me with a strong return. The team at Vinadamo was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me through the process.
Maverick Thomas
Wine Investment Client Bristol
Wine investment has been a key player in my financial success. The limited supply and increasing demand has led to steady growth in my investment, providing a solid return on my investment. The experts at Vinadamo have been instrumental in guiding me towards the right wines to add to my portfolio
Isaac Carter
Wine Investment Client Birmingham

Details of Services


Portfolio Management

Our on boarding process is very simple and our service takes away all of the leg work by managing everything for you. 

However, a hands on approach with a high level of involvement is also welcomed.
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Free Valuations

As a client you will receive regular valuations, along with the ability to request any other required information 

at any given time. We are also happy to help you by valuing any pre existing portfolios too, even if you are not yet a client. Any quotes come with absolutely no obligation.
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Sales / Broking Service

We utilise numerous avenues to process the sale of our clients wine quickly and effectively. We are then paid on a

performance related basis so that our payment is contingent on your success.We are also happy to broker the sale of wine that has been purchased externally, although our fees for this may vary depending on a few factors

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Tax guidelines

Inheritance Tax

Fine wine is exempt from inheritance tax if it has been held for more than two years.

Capital Gains Tax

If you sell fine wine for a profit, you may be liable to pay capital gains tax on the gain. The amount of tax owed will depend on your individual circumstances and the length of time the wine was held.


Wine is exempt from VAT when it is sold as a collectible, but if it is sold for immediate consumption, VAT will be payable.
Duty: Wine is subject to excise duty, which is a tax paid on alcohol products in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Wine is similar to property or any other physical asset. When you buy fine wine you physically own a tangible asset which holds an intrinsic value regardless of the economic climate.

The main risk is poor selection. This is because buying a wine of poor or inferior quality or a wine that is in high supply and low demand may mean that your investment fails to increase in value.

You’re welcome to. We operate an open door policy for clients and/or anybody looking to get involved. If travel is a problem we can also meet you at a location of your choice.

As long as you can afford to. But there is no minimum or maximum.
As a company we recommend a minimum 3 to 5 year hold to achieve a respectable profit. This is because the longer you hold a wine the scarcer it becomes, which will naturally increase its value as demand outstrips supply. Not to mention the increasing quality of wine through the maturity process.

As well as all major card providers, we also employ an FCA licensed and regulated escrow service that operates a Client Account. This is so that Client funds are held independently and securely during the transaction. Funds are only released to us upon conformation of the wine being ready for transfer or having been purchased from an accredited supplier, if not already in stock.

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