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Bonded Warehousing

Almost all investment grade Fine wine is traded whilst still In Bond. Doing so makes any future sale infinitely easier as it will be much more attractive to prospective buyers or brokers. In fact, most merchants and brokers will only list In Bond prices.

Aside from the tax benefits, storing wine in bond is also a necessary measure for nearly all fine wine investors as it is the only way that provenance can be unquestionably established.

We store exclusively with HMRC-approved bonded warehouses in the U.K as the tight regulation means that the provenance is second to none and can traced with ease. The most commonly used facilities include, London City Bond (LCB), Octavian Vaults and Locke King Vaults (EHD). All of which provide personal accounts for wine Investors and collectors. They also guarantee the best storage conditions for fine wines such as temperature and humidity, meaning that the integrity of any wine investment is never compromised.

Furthermore, most corporations and merchants are willing to pay a high premium for wine that has been stored exclusively In Bond as it guarantees the quality of what they are buying. So whether you choose to store with us in one of our segregated client accounts or to store yourself in your own private account, we can assist you all of the way.

Our Bonded Warehousing

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