Wine Investment FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What security do I have?

Wine is similar to property or any other physical asset. When you buy fine wine you physically own a tangible asset which holds an intrinsic value regardless of the economic climate.

What are the risks?

The main risk is poor selection. This is because buying a wine of poor or inferior quality or a wine that is in high supply and low demand may mean that your investment fails to increase in value.

Can I meet you?

You’re welcome to. We operate an open door policy for clients and/or anybody looking to get involved. If travel is a problem we can also meet you at a location of your choice.


How long do I invest for?

As long as you can afford to. But there is no minimum or maximum.
As a company we recommend a minimum 3 to 5 year hold to achieve a respectable profit. This is because the longer you hold a wine the scarcer it becomes, which will naturally increase its value as demand outstrips supply. Not to mention the increasing quality of wine through the maturity process.

What payment methods are available?

As well as all major card providers, we also employ an FCA licensed and regulated escrow service that operates a Client Account. This is so that Client funds are held independently and securely during the transaction. Funds are only released to us upon conformation of the wine being ready for transfer or having been purchased from an accredited supplier, if not already in stock.

Is my investment reliant on the success of your company?

Not at all. With your wine being in your own bonded account, ownership is yours and you are in complete control of your wine assets. Therefore should anything happen to our company, you will still have all of your wine.

Can I store in my home or private cellar?

Yes, but we do not recommend it for wine that is purchased for future resale. Invesment wines should always be stored within a bonded warehouse controlled environment to maintain the provenience.

What if my wine is damaged?

Your wine will be fully insured by the bonded storage provider, this means you will be offered a replacement of equivalent value in the unlikely event any loss or damage is incurred. In the even more unlikely event that a replacement is unavailable, you will then be offered the cash value for your wine.


Can I drink my wine?

Of course you can. That is what wine is produced for after all, though we would not necessarily advise this if your wine is an investment.
However in the event that you wish to do so, please be aware of the following fees.
You will have to pay 20 per cent VAT, plus £2 per bottle for duty charges depending on the HMRC duty charges at that time for the ABV Alcohol content. For example, if you wish to take your case of Montrose 2010 that has an in Bond price of £1,850, you will pay £2,248.80 (plus any delivery costs).

Can I see my wine?

Definitely. Your wine will always be stored privately and securely at one of the bonded warehouses that we use. You can book an appointment to see your portfolio at any of the locations, at any time. Alternatively you can request condition reports to save the journey and have the images saved in your private client portal for access from the comfort of your home.


How quickly can I sell my wine?

When looking to exit the market, we can assist in various ways. But If you are looking for the quickest route to exit, we can sell your stock through our broad client base or make you an offer ourselves. Very quickly and very easily.