Terms of Trade

1. Purchase

Any agreement made to purchase from Vinadamo LTD will be followed by an invoice as a written confirmation of the sale. Clients agree to the terms set out in this document, by paying the funds.

2. Payment

Is agreed at the same time as agreeing on the purchase of stock and will be detailed on the invoice. Please speak to a member of the accounts team to follow your preferred payment method.

3. Consumer Protection

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulation Act 2000 (distance selling), and the EU Consumer Rights Directive 2011, any cancellation of goods must be made in writing within 14 days. En Primeur orders are not subject to cancellation.

4. Storage

Vinadamo LTD will automatically arrange storage on behalf of clients in segregated accounts under bond, where all wine will be fully insured by the storage facility. Alternatively, clients can provide Vinadamo LTD with the details of the personal account in which they would like their wine to be stored. Wine stored at Vinadamo LTD client accounts will incur no cost to the client for the first 5 years of storage, subject to £8 per year per case thereafter.

5. Delivery

Bottled wine will be delivered to both personal and segregated accounts within 365 days of purchase. For En Primeur purchases, however, the client will be provided with an anticipated delivery date into bond, along with a receipt to confirm their purchase.

For stock delivered in error, Vinadamo Ltd will offer to either reimburse funds at current market value or deliver the correct goods as per any invoice signed. Vinadamo LTD will have up to 365 days from the date of original delivery to fulfil this obligation.

6. Ownership

Clients will take full ownership of all wine purchases upon payment in full to Vinadamo LTD.

7. Fees and Sales

Vinadamo LTD charges a 10% fee on net profit made on sales. All stock prices are determined in-house and subject to a commercial mark-up and purchase premium. This includes sourcing, transportation and delivery, availability, storage costs, operational business costs and providing a net profit to Vinadamo on each transaction. We acknowledge the same wine or champagne may be available elsewhere at a lower or higher price.

Vinadamo LTD recommends a 5-year hold for all investment-grade wine and will structure sales accordingly. Any funds invested in wine through Vinadamo are considered “risk capital”. “Risk Capital” is defined as funds that a client of Vinadamo can hold illiquid for a period of 5 years and understands that they may sustain a significant capital loss through a combination of depreciation and commercial markup. (For more information on Wine and Champagne, please visit www.winesearcher.com)

8. Force Majure

Vinadamo LTD will not be held liable for any failure to meet our obligation due to circumstances which are outside of our control.

9. Governing Law

Any agreement between the client and Vinadamo Ltd (12250707) is governed exclusively under English law and subject to UK courts.

10. Risk Warning 

The value of wine can go up as well as down, Vinadamo will charge a premium for stock based on market conditions. A client of Vinadamo should only invest a sum they are comfortable holding illiquid for five years with funds they consider risk capital.